“After more than 12 years in sales and marketing in the cosmetics sector and in agencies specializing in design, manufacturing and import of manufactured goods from India and China, it has become clear to me that I had to move towards Sustainable Development. Having originally graduated from a French business school, I decided on boosting my skills and pursuing an MBA Management in Corporate Social Responsibility and organizational performance at the Institut Leonard de Vinci (Paris) in 2010. I was conducting a parallel mission for Quantis, a consultancy specializing life-cycle analyses and eco-design.
After graduation in 2012, I joined in the Imaginable consultancy as manager in charge of business development before being seduced by the Mindded consultancy project in 2013, which I joined as an Account Director. Since then, I have been lucky enough to work for world-class brands such as Heineken, SNCF, PWC or Lesieur on exciting programmes with a true meaning.

Besides work, I have multiple passions: family, sculpture, pilates which has become addictive, sharing books impressions in a book club and boating during holidays! “