“Interested in everything that touches our lives, I have a multidisciplinary profile, ranging from human and plant cell biology, to environmental sciences or food composition and manufacturing process…
After graduating in food nutrition and health engineering, I joined LinkUp in 2011. I am eager to help brands and corporations become more socially responsible as well as making social responsibility information more accessible to consumers. In my job as an Account Manager, I work for respected brands such as  Nutella, Coraya (surimi), Bordeau Chesney (rillettes) but also for the agricultural sector with a quality-focused programme called ‘Terres OléoPro’.

What drives me is discovering each day something new, solving problems and build solutions. 10 years of doing theater allowed me to see things with enthusiasm and leave room for imagination.
And that’s still how I relax after work every day: a play, alone or with others. Sometimes it’s so good to sit and just watch… “